Channeling: Swimming from Ordinary to Extraordinary (Ebook)




Swimming the English Challenge is one of those few remaining iconic challenges. The swimmer pitches
themselves against nature, ‘naked’, exposed to the vagaries of the cold, wind, wild seas, tides and
currents. Technology has little to do with success: no fins, no aquadynamic wet suits – just costume,
silicone cap and goggles.  Strength, physical condition and mental toughness are the hallmarks of our
Channel swimmers.

Throughout these experiences, we have noticed a metamorphosis, where ordinary people, most well
beyond the prime of youth, emerge from the water stronger and better. Their lives have changed
inextricably, and the Channel is part of their fibre. In discussions with swimmers, we have learnt that,
while a swimmer can fail in their crossing attempt, they are never defeated. Their lives are indomitable,
the human spirit is alive, and each of these people has gone on to achieve extraordinary things.

Meeting and interviewing these remarkable athletes has been a privilege. Each individual has the
restlessness of the driven, and a fire burns bright inside them. Their stories ignite a spark, illuminate our
own potential and challenge us to question the impossible. We are confident that at least one story will
strike a chord in every reader. It is my hope that, when this chord is struck, you will be inspired to take
on your own extraordinary challenge too.


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